Hello! I'm Rachel,

A graphic designer with a passion for print, digital, package, illustration, and environmental design.

Creative Mind

My process for creating is thoughtful, with a purpose and meets the needs of the project. The ability to be open, aware, and observe my environment strengthens my concepts and allows me to create work that is relevant. I draw upon my strengths of organization and design together to create sustainable impact through my work.

I see design as a vehicle that has the power to cultivate, engage, and inspire the viewer. I look to create work that is at the forefront of design. Life is too short to not take risks. Even if there is a high rate of failure, the risks will never outweigh the journey and achievements.

Outside of Design

I am a true Coloradan that enjoys the arts (photogrpphy, painting, screenprinting, sculpture, you name - I love it!), hiking, backpacking, skiing, riding cruiser bikes, traveling, training for new endeavors, and of course Colorado craft beer tasting. I am always open to new adventures and seek the thrill of a good challenge.